Why Beef's

At the heart of every Beef ‘O’ Brady’s® franchise is a commitment to the community, a commitment that sets our franchise apart from other models. From local little leagues to adult recreational leagues, Beef ‘O’ Brady’s® is a neighborhood gathering spot for friends, family, and teammates to celebrate a win or catch the big game on TV. When you welcome a community into your franchise, you attract, keep, satisfy, and grow your customer base. 

Each franchisee works with adult and youth athletics, local schools, and community organizations to create a sense of community. When you own and operate your own Beef’s®, you are able to build your business while contributing to the betterment of the community through school sponsorships, charity involvement, and sporting events.

Since 1985, the Beef’s® system has grown and evolved into the strong network of support it is today. As a Franchise Partner you will receive the support of a focused Home Office team as well as valuable interaction with other Franchise Partners.

During the franchise process you will:

  • Complete a personal application - Download PDF Application
  • Speak with Franchise Partners
  • Attend a Discovery Day
  • Complete a Personal Interview

Our business model is unique and it starts with our Brand Positioning - “Game Time Meets Family Time.” Beef’s® is a full service casual restaurant that caters to families and sports fans. Beef’s® provides a game room to keep the kids entertained, a full bar for adults and a relentless focus on value. Beef’s® is a fun place to enjoy a great meal with your friends or family and watch your favorite team on our 40+ hi-def TV’s.

The second element of our business model is the Owner Operator Concept. We prefer to partner with owners who will be personally involved in the day to day operation of the restaurant. Historically we have seen that owner involvement makes a huge difference in the performance of any Beef ‘O’ Brady’s®.

The third element of our business model is Community Involvement. Successful Beef ‘O’ Brady’s® owners become intimately involved in their local community. They sponsor spirit nights for local schools, feed baseball and softball teams and are generally considered to be the “mayor of their community.” Their connection with the community becomes a competitive advantage. Research shows this community connection resonates well with customers. Click here to view Technomic Data  

The fourth element of the Beef ‘O’ Brady’s® business model is the Minimization of the Initial Investment. We start by offering a low franchise fee of $37,500; which is paid half at the signing of the franchise agreement, and half at the signing of your lease. Next, we charge one of the lowest royalty fees and ad fees in the industry with only a 4.0% royalty fee and 2.3% advertising fee, based on adjusted gross sales. (Other fees and requirements are disclosed in our FDD). Please read our current FDD for the range of investments made to open a Beef ‘O’ Brady’s®.

The fifth and final element of the Beef ‘O’ Brady’s® business model is Support. From site selection, to design & construction, to training, to systems for controlling costs, we will constantly be at your side to support you in every way possible to make your Beef ‘O’ Brady’s® a success.